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The Adventures of Dr.McPsychoBunny

These are the adventures of a bunny... a horrific, psychotic, mad scientist bunny. Will he and his minions return him to his human state? Will he conquer the world? UPDATES WEDNESDAYS!


QUICK! I need viewer input!

Okay! So I love making these comics for you guys, so would you guys rather me plow through the story or take a break on the holidays and upload a festive pic? I'm torn because I want to keep with the story, but I would love to do a festive pic upload, and I don't know if you guys like that. I mean I just got my view counts up, and this is a very crucial time, and I don't know what would make or break this, so what do you guys think? I make this for all of your amusement anyway. It's only fitting you guys would have input.

posted by ceramicbullet @ December 24th, 2012, 5:58 pm  -  0 comments

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